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Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance
Mosaic of dance

Mosaic of Dance Rules and Regulations

Children’s Ballet Competition “Mosaic of Dance-2019”

Mosaic of Dance Rules and Regulations

Children’s Ballet Competition “Mosaic of Dance-2019”

18th-20th October, 2019

The School of Russian Classical Ballet announces Children’s Ballet Competition “Mosaic of Dance-2019” which will be held in New Delhi, India, on 18th-20th October, 2019. The Competition is open to all bright and talented dancers provided they comply with the requirements of these Regulations.

The eligible age for participation in the “Mosaic of Dance -2019” competition is 6 to 25 years.

Regulations for participation in the competition:

·       The “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition is open for students of Dance schools across India.The eligible age for participation in the “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition is 6 to 25 years.

·       Dancers take part in the Competition in 5 (five) age groups and separate prizes and titles are awarded to each group:

Group 1: 6-8 years

Group 2: 9-12 years

Group 3: 13-16 years

Group 4: 17-20 years

Group 5: 21-25 years

·       The age of participants in the “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition is determined as on September 1, 2019.

·       Competitors may participate either as soloists, part of an ensemble (maximum 6 people), half of a duet, or all of the above.

·       The competition will include 4 categories: Classical ballet, Modern Ballet, Character (Folk) dance, and Contemporary.

·       Competitors may represent their dance school or participate as independent competitors.

·       In order to participate in the competition, dancers must send their audition videos along with duly filled application form. The last date for submission of applications and audition videos is August 20, 2019.The video should contain the variation(s) which the contestant wishes to present at the competition, for ensembles and duets – the dance, full or a part of it, prepared for the competition. The applicants accepted for participation in the competition will receive an official confirmation after they pay participation fees. The number of bank account for payment of participation fee will be sent to the contestant after receipt of his/her registration form and approval of his/her auditions video.

·       “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition reserves right to use any photos or videos of the competitors made during the competition for marketing purposes.

·       Applications for participation in the contest are accepted till August 20, 2019. However, registration will be closed once the required number of the contestants will qualify. It is recommended to send applications as early as possible.

·       “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition reserves right to reject any application at own discretion.

                All competitors performing solo can participate in one or more           categories listed below:

·       Classical dance

·       Modern dance – in this category any free solo can be performed which is not included in the classical repertoire and does not represent any classical variation, and shows individuality and versatility of the competitor.

·       Pas de deux – it will be judged either as a separate performance or separately for each dancer in their soloist category (as per the jury’s decision and depending on the number of participants). Participants who wish to perform Pas de Deux from the classical repertoire list may perform Entire, Adagio, Coda and Variation.

·       Character dance - A routine utilizing majority of ballet technique to portray a character

·       Contemporary





Competitors of Group 1 (Junior group) can perform either classical  variation or free solo which is choreographed in accordance with their age and ballet level and skills. 


·       Changes in variations, ensemble items, music or compositions that were stated at the time of registration are allowed only before September 15, 2019.Changes after September 15, 2019 till October 1, 2019 can be made with a fine of Rs.2,000/-.

·        Any changes after October 1, 2019, will not be allowed.

                                                     Age Groups:

Group 1: 6-8 years

Group 2: 9-12 years

Group 3: 13-16 years

Group 4: 17-20 years

Group 5: 21-25 years

Time limits:

Variation or solo: not more than 2 min 40 sec

Pas de deux: not more than 7 min

Ensemble: 2-6 members: not more than 3 min

Contemporary:  not more than 2 min 30 sec

Jury and scores

Competitors will be judged by the panel of the Professional Jury (5 to 7 members). The decisions of the Jury will be final and not subject to any appeal or corrections.

The Jury shall evaluate the competitors on a 10-point system, considering the following aspects: artistry, presentation, courage and individuality, an imaginative and sensitive response to the music, a clear grasp in communicating movement dynamics, technical facility, control and coordination. The final score for each performance is an average calculated on the basis of score from each of the Jury member (the Jury member cannot judge his/her own students).

The same competitor cannot dance the same solo in two consecutive years if he/she was rewarded for it.



The winners in the categories “Classical Dance”, “Modern Dance“, “Character dance” and “Contemporary” shall be announced separately. Girls and boys shall compete separately in each category.

All the competitors will be awarded with participation certificates. The winners of the grand-prix and first prizes will be awarded with trophies and gifts.


The fees for the competition shall be non-refundable, payable upon application but not later than August 25, 2019 and include:

Registration fee

The registration fee in the amount of Rs. 1,180 per participant (inclusive of 18% GST).

Participation Fee

Soloists:  Rs.2,950/- per participant per performance

Pas de deux:  Rs.2,360/- per participant

Group (2-6 members):  Rs.1,770/- per participant

18% GST is included in the amount.

Musical accompaniment

All music shall be submitted by email in wave or Mp3 formats to the following address:, not later than 10 days prior to the competition (before October 1, 2019). The ‘subject’ line of each email (one musical score in each email) should state: the group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or ensemble, classical variation or modern item, Surname, Name, Name of dance school (if the competitor represents some particular school), Name of dance. Copies of CDs or any other storage forms shall be available with each competitor or/and their representatives at all times throughout the competition. The competitors shall inform the music operator of representative of “Mosaic of Dance-2019” competition beforehand about any specific details of starting the music during the performance (either first music has to be switched on, or it has to be switched on after the performer takes some specific pose etc.) as well as of any sudden changes in music (any pauses, sudden changes in volume etc.). Every musical piece shall be provided in a good quality. The organizers of the competition are not responsible for the quality of the music provided to the them.


Changes after September 15, 2019 till October 1, 2019 can be made with a fine of Rs. 2,360/- per performance. Any changes after October 1, 2019 shall be allowed.

All fees have to be paid before August 25, 2019. All participants who are qualified for the competition will receive an official confirmation of their participation after payment of the participation fee. The account number to which the fees have to be deposited will be sent to the participant after receipt of his/her registration form and video.

 Confirmation of receipt of registration form and video will be sent to each applicant to the email address specified in his/her registration form, within 10 days after receipt of his/her files sent to our email address In case you haven’t received any confirmation within 10 days after sending your files, please contact us by email.

Master Classes

Master Classes are an integral part of the completion and are highly recommended to all the participants. The confirmation for the participation in the Master classes shall be sent within 10 days after we publish the particulars of the classes on our official website. The payment for the master classes is mandatory, shall be done in cash on the day of the master classes and shall include:

1 master class – Rs. 1500

2 master classes – Rs. 2000

3 master classes and more – Rs. 2500

The Master Classes will be conducted by highly experienced professionals and we encourage all the participants to take advantage of this opportunity to learn the new techniques and acquire new skills.

Neither teachers nor parents are allowed to observe the Master Classes.


Policy and Procedures

Application forms must be signed and submitted within the stipulated above timeframe via email or in the printed form if the signed and scanned copy or the copy with the digital signature is not possible.

Only 1 teacher/parent per participant or group shall be allowed backstage. Teachers and participants are permitted to rehearse on stage for a restricted period of time. All the participants are requested to follow the instructions from the members of the organizational committee of the competition regarding the stage preparations, as well as other organizational issues.

Filming and photography is only allowed to the official photographers. The photo and filming order shall be completed and submitted before or on the day of the competition. The payment for it shall be done on the day of its submission in the form of cash. Photos will be emailed to the indicated addresses within one month since the end of the competition. The video to be sent to participants shall include only the clip of a particular performance which was done by a participant. 

No food or drinks are allowed in the backstage area, changing rooms and inside the auditorium or elsewhere on the competitions premises unless in the special cafeteria the location of which will be communicated well in advance.  For not following these rules there will be fine of Rs. 8,000.

A separate request for make-up artist shall be done not later 30 days before the day of the competition. All the information regarding this shall be communicated well in advance upon receipt of the requests from the participants.

Photos and videos taken during the competition become the property of the Mosaic of Dance which reserve their right to use those items for marketing and publicity purposes. Your signature indicates the understanding and acceptance of this policy.

Competitors, teacher and parents understand that the risk or injury of activities involved in the competition is significant and will not hold Mosaic of Dance or, but not limited to, any of its officials, agents, owners, liable with respect to any injury, disability, death, loss, or damage to person or property, whether arising from negligence of a competitor or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Mosaic of Dance is not liable for any lost or stolen items.


  • Address: B-32, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi
  • Ph: 9810748385, 9810920768

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